Kids LOVE playgrounds!   7-year-old, Gwen Ciccozzi loves playing on the playground, too. But for Gwen, it’s important that the playground be a place all kids can enjoy…so she — launched a lemonade stand to raise money to build one in her city.

Gwen suffered a perinatal stroke in the womb, and has cerebral palsy and limited function on the right side of her body. Because of her differences, Gwen finds it difficult to fully enjoy herself at the playground they have close to her home, and she and her mom often have to drive out of their way to a playground 20 minutes away that’s better equipped for her needs. But it cost about $350,000 to build one of these special playgrounds. The city has started filing for grants and gotten the ball rolling…they are hoping to get everything in motion in the next 6 months.  She’s named her lemonade stand — dubbed Gwennie Penny’s Lemonade and has raised more than $1,000 to contribute to the cause, according to a Facebook page.


Locally, one of these playgrounds was opened in 2019 in Fern Creek Park and it’s pretty great! Donated by Delta Dental of Kentucky, the playground is a gift to the Miracle League of Louisville. It’s specially designed to be fully accessible to all children, including those with disabilities.

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