Nursing Home Bingo Devolves Into Nursing Home Brawl

Bingo card game isolated

A couple women at a nursing home in Ontario Canada got into a scuffle on Tuesday over something that may or may not come as a surprise to you.

It’s no secret that once you hit a certain age, Bingo becomes life. This rings true for residents of an as of yet unnamed long term care facility for senior citizens in Ontario. On Tuesday, Bingo took a turn for the worse when one lady took the seat that another lady normally sits in.

If you know anything about Bingo and seat placement, you know this is an unforgivable sin!

So naturally a fight broke out between the two ladies, aged 79 and 86 respectively. But that was only the beginning. Once the fight took on a more physical nature, more people jumped in. Now we had a full on melee at the nursing home bingo night.

Police were inevitably called and successfully brokered a truce between the warring factions. No injuries were reported and no charges were filed.

This is in no way an isolated incident. Search BINGO FIGHT on youtube and you will see that this is a widespread phenomenon.




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