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New Cruise For Modern Magellans

I know, I know… He died on the way buuuut
You too can discover new worlds now (and survive!) with the arrival of Princess World Cruises and “experience the globe’s marquis ports and hidden gems.” Obviously this will take some time and money so welcome to the club if you don’t have four free months and like 25,000 spendable bucks.

If you do happen to have the aforementioned qualifications; Princess Cruises has got the offers for you! Departing from either Los Angeles or Ft. Lauderdale, it’ll take you about 111 days to visit up to 6 continents, 29 countries, 44 destinations, cross the equator 4 times and travel 34,287 nautical miles. To maximize time for passengers, the Princess Cruise liners will make extended late-night stays to maximize time in the more popular destinations like Cape Town, Melbourne, Tahiti and Thailand.

Unlike the much longer 245-day Ultimate World Cruise by Viking Cruises that costs a whopping $92,990 per person, the 2020 world cruise by Princess Cruises is more affordable at a starting price of $22,999 per person. although it requires passengers to be OK with getting 134 days fewer at sea. If we’re saving upwards of 65 racks I’d say 134 fewer days is reasonable.
(Big math guy)

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