So… I am day 9 into ‘Dry January’ and lets just be honest… I AM STRUGGLING!

Like what do I do on a Wednesday night now if I am not going to Sully’s or Diamonds?? This past weekend was extremely hard.

While all my friends were going out and partying, I was sitting on my couch watching documentaries.

I knew that I couldn’t be trusted in that environment yet. Heck, I barely trust myself at my own house with all the alcohol I have just sitting around…

With feeling left out and finding out it is national mock-tail week, I am going to go out this weekend but order a delicious mock-tail to make me feel less left out.

YES the FOMO is real! So instead of sitting at home I am going to experiment and try different cocktails that I normally stay away from ( I am a beer drinker) and see what I like. When I do start drinking again, I have new things to try!

If you want to also try some mock-tails click here for some recipes!



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