Redditor: My Wife Chose Taylor Swift Over Me

My Wife Chose Taylor Swift Over Me, So I Chose Divorce

An unknown guy asked if he was a “jerk” for divorcing his wife over her Taylor Swift obsession on Reddit. The Reddit repost has over 100,000 likes on TikTok.

@therealredditreader My wife choose Taylor swift over me so I chose divorce. #theredditreader #reddit_tiktok #redditstoriestts #askreddit #reddit #redditreadings #redditstories #redditstorytime ♬ original sound – Reddit Stories

The man explained that he and his wife had a small wedding and wanted a bigger celebration for their fifth wedding anniversary, and they would renew their vows.  His wife, obsessed with Taylor, scored tickets to her Eras Tour on the same day as their planned vow renewal. While the wife wouldn’t budge on selling the tickets, the man ultimately chose to divorce her since she picked Taylor over renewing her vows with him.

One Redditor wrote, “Taylor Swift is not retiring or dying. There will absolutely be more tours.” But others understood where the wife was coming from. “I mean, it is Taylor Swift,” another person wrote.

What would you do? Choose Taylor or renew your vows? This screams like something for clout. It CAN’T be real?!

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