Ariana Grande once told us that God is a woman. Well, she has now taken that thrown as the Instagram Goddess by officially being the most followed woman on Instagram!

Previously, Selena Gomez held the title but the running is still VERY close!  Grande has 146,286,173 followers while Selena is trailing right behind her with 146,267,801!

Within the last 4 months, Ariana’s Instagram following has increased by 13 million!!! WHERE did this following come from??? That is over 4 million new followers a month! How can we do that for the 997DJX Instagram account?

We have some answers for the dethroning.

  1. She broke up with her fiance Pete Davidson in October after only being engaged and dating for a few months.
  2. She released her second studio album in six months, “Thank U, Next”. 
  3. Selena Gomez has had slim to no activity from her Instagram in the last few months.

Although Ariana is the queen of Instagram, she is still out-followed by the tasty man snack Cristiano Ronaldo who has over 155 million Instagram followers. Can you blame people for following him? Look at his abs??? They are absolutely LICKABLE! Welcome to 2019 where social media runs the world!

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