Morgan Wallen Has Thoughts on Pop Singers

Morgan Wallen Has Thoughts on Pop Singers ‘That Just Shoot Up to the Top’

As opposed to those who cultivate an audience and fan base over many years. Morgan Wallen “grew” a bond with listeners globally and still remembers 2016 concertgoers who sang along with his hits.  Morgan explains why pop performers who “rocket up to the top” are different.

Like, obviously, certain pop singers and things like that just shoot up to the top, and then they’re playing arenas. But there’s just something to be said about growing something from the start and the ground up. I’m proud to say that we’ve done it that way,” said Wallen.

He didn’t name any of the pop artists he’s referring to. Pop songs dominate the charts and win Grammys due to more radio play and a large population of audience.

Which pop stars do you think he’s talking about?

Morgan Wallen will be bringing his “One Night At A Time” world tour to Louisville, April 20th.

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