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Mom Jumps In Sewer Water To Save Her Toddler In A Manhole

Jennifer Marrow lives in New Jersey and said she didn’t think twice about jumping into a dark manhole after her 2-year-old son Henry fell inside and disappeared, at a playground.

“There was no other option. There was no other choice,””There was no waiting. I don’t think any mother would have waited.”

Henry had fallen approximately seven feet down into an open manhole, which had two feet of sewage water at the bottom, reaching up to his chin. It wasn’t until she heard Henry calling her name that she realized where he was, so she called 9-1-1 immediately.

But then she saw the water started to pull Henry down the tunnel and out of her sight. “I jumped in because he had now gone down the pipe,” “And when I couldn’t see his face anymore, I got in, crawled down the pipe.” “I couldn’t see, but then his head went under and I couldn’t see him, so I had to pop back up and turn on my flashlight,” she went on. “I was crawling down to get him because it was too dark down the pipe.”

She found him and got them both out of the manhole to safety, and by that time the fire department was there. 

Nobody was hurt though Henry ingested a little sewer water. They believe the cover may have blown off during Hurricane Ida, which came through that area in early September. 



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