Millennials Are Naming Their Kids After Trendy Foods…Why

Help. Millennials are naming their kids after trendy foods. We can’t tell if this is a good or bad thing.

Hundreds of thousands of names collected by registered users on the website BabyCenter were compared to names from last year. The results show for girls’ names Kiwi was reported to have increased by 40%, Kale up 35%, Maple up 32% and Clementine up 15%.

On the other hand, for boys, Sage grew by 15%!  Jacksons and Sophias out there, watch out! You have a run for your money for most popular names of 2019. Avocado just might be the next big name!!

P.S.- If you’re looking for a food inspired baby name, BabyCenter even has a whole list for it now! You can check it out here!



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