Theories are being tossed out there as to why MGK was booed and flipped off by people in the audience at Louder Than Life over the weekend in Louisville. There was seemingly nothing in particular that MGK did during the performance to upset fans, but seeing that the festival is one filled with rockers, this moment could have to do with MGK and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor’s growing beef, which began when Taylor expressed his distaste for MGK.

“I hate everything. I hate all new rock for the most part,” Taylor said. “I [hate] the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock — and I think he knows who he is. But that’s another story.”

MGK shot back and mocked Taylor during his Riot Festival performance. “Hey, you wanna know what I’m really happy that I’m not doing? Being 50 years old and wearing a f*cking weird mask on a f*cking stage.” MGK later added that Taylor delivered a verse for his Tickets To My Downfall album, but it was left off because “it was f*cking terrible.”


You can watch more video and dive into the saga HERE

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