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Meghan Trainor revealed that she started working on her Timeless album just weeks after her second C-section. She went on The Today Show to discuss the title track and how it was inspired by her children.

I wanted to capture my love for them in a song and also, like, my fear of not being here forever. Like when you have kids, I feel like you’re like “I want to live forever and ever and ever” so I can be with them as long as possible. And I try to capture that in my big ballad call “Timeless.” But I also wanted it to be so not so sad, so I made it into a beautiful love song as well.

Meghan digs into first birthday plans for her youngest. She’s planning for a smash cake and a photoshoot.


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It’s been seven years since Meghan’s gone on tour, so she’s in the gym working out, eating healthy, and trying to get sick. She says she dreams of never having a cold again. She plans to take her little boys with her on the tour, but remembers that Kelly Clarkson gave her advice not to overdo it and try to be “Supermom.”

When it comes to her rise on social media, she points out that her comment sections are usually pretty nice. She only reads the first, like, 10 comments though. That’s enough for Meghan Trainor. We all need our limits on social!

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