Megan Thee Stallion told Ellen how she was studying to be in healthcare administration and wants to own an assistant living facility inspired by her mom and grandmother…and surprised a nurse and mother of five Jamelmenique Hoy. She and husband Michael were there with their adorable sons — Micah, 2, Mason, 3, Messiah, 4, Malachi, 5, and Michael Jr., 7 — they were super excited to see Ellen. They are from Mississippi, have been in Houston (where Jamelmenique volunteered to temporarily relocate to help treat coronavirus patients) since July, and have been living in a one-bedroom hotel room for the past six months.

On top of her nursing work and taking care of five young children, Jamelmenique is also finding the time to get her master’s degree. And Megan wanted to help make that process a little easier for her. So Megan told her Shutterfly was paying off her student debt with $50,000.



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