So last week Bebe Rexha went on a rant on Instagram talking about getting rejected by designers in a getting a gown for the Grammys because of her size, now Megan Mullally shared she had trouble getting a gown to host the SAG Awards.

She ended up buying her dress online, saying:

“I always pick out clothes online and buy my own stuff because first of all I like it because I can just wear what I want to wear but also the major designers are not interested in sending me any dresses,” Mullally told Access Hollywood on the red carpet. 

“Alexander McQueen did send two dresses but they didn’t work out, but this is an Alexander McQueen dress that I bought online,” 

She added, “I said I am literally hosting. There is a 100 percent chance that I will be on camera. But people were like, ‘No, no thanks.’”

It’s all good though. “But that’s ok. I think it’s funny but I think it’s interesting for people to know that because I think everybody in the general public thinks well everybody is getting dresses thrown at them left and right, but that’s not actually the case.” 


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