A 4-year-old bloodhound named Trumpet took the top prize at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Wednesday night, beating a French bulldog, a German shepherd, a Maltese, an English setter, a Samoyed, and a Lakeland terrier to take the trophy. It’s the first time a bloodhound has ever won at Westminster.

Winston, a French bulldog co-owned by NFL defensive lineman Morgan Fox, took second in the nation’s most prestigious dog show. The competition drew more than 3,000 purebred dogs, ranging from affenpinschers to Yorkshire terriers.

The goal is to crown the dog that most represents the ideal for its breed.  Trumpet’s human, Heather Helmer, said “I am so excited for Trumpet.” As for athletes getting in the Westminster game, New York Yankees great Lou Gehrig brought his German shepherd in the 1930s.

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