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Meet A Local 5-Year-Old Business Owner

You may be unaware that a local 5-year-old is one of the youngest business owners in the country. And we’re not talking about an online business…it’s a brick and mortar store! Addison King just opened Addison’s Sweet Treats on Brownsboro Rd in the Clifton Heights area in January.  Her parents own a few restaurants and she has apparently been paying attention to what it takes to be a boss!


One day, Addison’s parents were driving when they passed a “For Sale” sign in a shopping plaza. Her dad wanted the space but didn’t know what to do with it yet…and that is when Addison said she wanted to open her own store.

Addison loves sweets and would always ask her parents for them. So she had an idea to turn dad’s new space into Addison’s Treat Shop! She was very specific with want she wanted to sell.  Her dad says, “She’s actively involved and not just a pseudo. I’m adamant about her being involved, making sure that it’s her and not just us.”

Most of her treats are locally sourced. 

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