Deck the Halls With Chicken Nuggets Fa-La-La-La

When decorating the Christmas tree, you ever just look at the finished project and think “Something’s missing.” Our troubles have come to an end – McDonald’s is making our lives more festive by allowing us to decorate our Christmas trees with chicken nugget decorations. If that is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Is there anything that put’s you more in the Christmas spirit than a chicken nugget in a Santa hat? Nothing. Nothing at all. The icing on the cake for every tree is what? Chicken nugget lights of course. McDonald’s yet again has our backs. These chicken nugget Christmas lights have the McDonald’s “M” on them.

McDonald’s understands that this is a blessing and that everyone is going to be blowing them up for these Christmas stocking stuffers, so naturally they threw us some curve balls to make this item rare.

A.) It’s a contest to win them.

B.) The contest is in the UK. 

You can enter the contest here! McDonald’s… better deliver the prize to the USA if we win!!



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