But now how are we gonna know who the father is????

Maury Povich is ending his daytime TV run and retiring after 24 seasons of hosting Maury — and 7 seasons before that when it was titled The Maury Povich Show. New episodes will continue to be broadcast through September, at which point reruns will air in syndication. The show has been known for salacious topics, including airing the results of paternity tests, with Povich’s delivery of “You are not the father” having become a notable catchphrase.  Not all of them were dramatic outcomes in a bad way!

The show definitely put its stamp on pop culture, with Maury having played himself on How I Met Your Mother and in the film Madea’s Big Happy Family. Povich previously hosted the entertainment newsmagazine A Current Affair. “They touch so many classic themes, whether it’s love, distrust, conflict, drama,” Povich said in 2012 about the appeal of Maury’s episodes. “And the paternity shows in particular, you’ve got he-said, she-said, is-he-the-father, isn’t-he. While soap operas play those themes out over six months, we play them out over 12 minutes.”

At the age of 83, Maury has definitely earned some time just hanging out on the porch drinking some lemonade. Well done, Maury!

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