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Matt Damon Was Almost In The Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time…But Turned It Down

Matt Damon actually turned down starring in Avatar and getting 10 percent of the profits. It went on to become the highest grossing movie of all time at $1.2 billion!  Matt said “I will go down in history,” “You will never meet an actor who turned down more money.”  He told the story during a masterclass at Cannes Film Festival and had his audience laughing at his “misfortune”! 

Why in the world did he say no?  He was in the middle of making the Bourne trilogy at the time and made a “moral” decision to keep his commitment to the franchise. Avatar’s lead role ultimately went to then-relatively unknown actor Sam Worthington, who was living in his car when Cameron cast him in 2007!)  He actually told this story in 2019 to British GQ too!



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