A little scandal and dirt cut straight from a script from Apple TV’s “The Morning Show” – “Good Morning America” co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been having an affair since their June assignment covering the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London. Since then, they have been seen spending alone time in each other’s apartments, and staying in a secluded cottage in Upstate New York for a romantic weekend getaway two weeks before Thanksgiving. But it was business as usual on the air the morning after the story broke:

They’re both married to other people, though they have reportedly split from their spouses. The timelines on their splits are not clear. Robach’s husband is former “Melrose Place” star Andrew Shue. Robach’s divorce is said to be in the final stages, but T.J.’s wife is said to be “blindsided” by the news. They had been separated for 6 months but were trying to work on the marriage.


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