According to people close to Lori Loughlin, she “is finally realizing just how serious” the college admissions scandal is. And yes, she’s “freaking out.”

She and her husband were arrested last month in the college admissions scandal. She was reportedly offered a plea deal by prosecutors, but turned it down.

The source said: “She has been in complete denial. She refused to accept any jail time and thought the DA was bluffing.”

That’s unlike Felicity Huffman, who is taking full responsibility and accepting her punishment. According to a legal analyst at CBS, “Felicity Huffman pleading guilty and giving such a perfect statement of remorse and contrition is a very bad sign for Lori Loughlin. If you go forward and fight this case you really could wind up with a sentence that is a lot of time in prison.”

Because they turned down the deal, they both got hit with additional charges on Tuesday, including money laundering which now could mean up to 40 years in prison, if convicted.



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