WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! WE REPEAT! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read the following unless you have watching the season finale of ‘Loki’!

Seriously, one more time. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!

In a post credits scene following the finale of ‘Loki’, Marvel reveals that Loki will be back in ‘Loki’ season 2, but that’s really just the beginning here.

‘Loki’ is an essential piece now to the next phase of the MCU after the season 1 finale ends with the timeline branching off in every direction creating millions of multiverses after Sylvie stabs Kang, the timekeeper/ the conqueror/ he who remains.

The branching of the multiverse is setting the stage for ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’, ‘Ant-man 3’ and beyond giving so many possibilities for the upcoming Marvel projects that have been announced and that we are waiting for.

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