Local Small Business Gives Shoplifters Another Chance

Britney Renbarger owns Pink Tag boutique in Oxmoor Center and was unfortunately the victim of shoplifters. They caught three ladies between 17-years-old and 20-years-old on camera and posted the footage on social media. That’s where this turns into a #FeelGood. Yes…they caught the shoplifters but this isn’t ending the way it typically does.


One of the shoplifters was wearing a Youth Build Louisville shirt, which is a local organization that helps young people earn their high school diplomas and other certifications to prepare for college or the workforce.  Lynn Rippy, president and CEO of Youth Build gave that person a choice: give the merchandise all back or face charges. 

Renbarger got all the merchandise back and isn’t pressing charges, and since learning of Youth Build’s mission, is going to do more to support their mission!



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