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LMPD had a very special “recruit” sworn in as an honorary officer…an 11-year-old battling terminal cancer.

The Metro Academy Class 54 (MAC 54) had an extra classmate named Devarjaye “DJ” Daniels on graduation day. He’s a cancer warrior from Houston, Texas who has been fighting a terminal cancer that affects the spine and brain.

Daniels loved the police and launched a mission in 2022 to join as many agencies as possible as an honorary officer.

His original goal was 100 but blew that out of the water being sworn in at over 690 agencies across the nation.

His new goal is 758; according to the Metro Police Foundation’s information, it’s the badge number of another honorary officer, Officer Abigail Arias. She died from pediatric cancer in 2019.

This is his first Kentucky badge.


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