12-year-old Snow Canyon, Utah Little League player Easton Oliverson should have just been basking in the excitement of being part of the first team from Utah to make it to the Little League World series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Instead, he ended up fighting for his life in a medically induced coma. Now, he’s out of the ICU and learning how to walk again!

He was staying in the tournament’s dormitory complex in Pennsylvania when he fell off the bunk bed, which had no rails at all. Oliverson landed straight on the right side of his head, cracking his skull and his cheekbone.  Sunday night, dad Jace gave an update that they were expected to fly back Tuesday to Utah and that Easton will remain in a hospital there.

“I’m just grateful that he’s still alive, because I was pretty much told he had a zero percent chance to live,” Oliverson said. “We feel very fortunate.” “There is a chance of a full recovery,” “It’s just a matter of how long and the therapy that he’s going to receive. We’re just asking for prayers. Continuous prayers.”

The family set up an Instagram account called Miracles for Tank (that’s his nickname) to share his recovery. He’s gotten several video messages of support from pro players, including his favorite Mookie Betts.



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About 36,000 bunk bed-related incidents are reported each year.

He’s been showing tremendous signs of progress as he came out of sedation, wanting to eat and remembering his name and age!  His brother will take his place on the team as an alternate.

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