Lil Wayne is mourning the death of “Uncle Bob”. No, he’s not a relative, but rather a former New Orleans police officer named Robert “Uncle Bob” Hoobler, who saved Wayne’s life after he attempted suicide in 1994 at age 12.

Wayne was afraid of his mom’s anger that he skipped school to rap, so he decided he was “going to show her” by taking his life.  He called the police before taking his mother’s gun from her bedroom and shooting himself in the chest.

Police arrived on the scene but stepped over him to look for the gun and drugs found in the room. One only officer, “Uncle Bob” — who was off-duty at the time — heard a dispatch on his police radio, and rushed over to the house to help Wayne.  Uncle Bob rode with him to the hospital and carried him to the room, staying until he knew Wayne would make it. They formed a lasting friendship, and Wayne has always supported police officers and denounced racism because of Uncle Bob.



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