Liam Payne and Ed Sheeran don’t look even remotely alike. But according to Liam’s son, they are like twins because he confuses Ed for dad all the time.  LOL

Speaking to People, Liam says he hasn’t seen his three-year-old son Bear for several weeks, since he’s been quarantining with his girlfriend, while Bear is with his mom, Liam’s ex, Cheryl.  Liam says Bear seems to recognize and enjoy his music, except for one thing.

“Sometimes he does get me mixed up with Ed Sheeran,” Liam laughs. “There’s one Ed Sheeran song that he seems to think is mine.”

Liam says it’s been “very tough” knowing that Bear is “so close but so far away at the same time,” and says he can’t wait until life returns to normal, so he can see him…and eat some McDonald’s.

“McDonald’s is closed in the U.K. and nuggets right now sounds fire as hell,” Liam tells People. “Cheeseburgers sound good, McFlurrys sound good. It’s all sounding good.”

As for that much-talked-about One Direction reunion, which Liam has said is happening and Niall Horan has said isn’t, Liam says he and the other guys in the band are “in the middle of [figuring out] what to do” to mark their 10th anniversary in July.

“We definitely want to do something,” says Liam. “I mean, it’s a tough one. I can’t promise any reunion plans because it just isn’t it right now…But, you know, it still seems very hopeful in that department. I’m starting to think it’s gonna happen at some point. So it’s exciting.”


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