Last night’s episode dropped another teaser nugget on us that Meredith is getting another visitor on her beach while she battles for her life.

You can see her sister Lexie (Chyler Leigh) sitting on rocks along the water, Meredith shared, “I like it here.” Later, Lexie asked, “Are you gonna stay?”  OMGGGGG.  You might recall Lexie was introduced in season 3 as a surgical intern and turned out to have the same father at Meredith. She was killed off in a devastating plane crash during the season 8 finale that aired in May 2012.  So will Lexie get us to the answer of whether Meredith makes it or not? Is the show ending?  Still don’t know that either!

BTW if you really want to get in your feels over this show…check this out!



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