At just under two, 22 month old Stormi Webster is one of the youngest homeowners we have ever seen. Grandma Kris Jenner surprised Kylie’s adorable little daughter with a special Christmas present; a ridiculous playhouse that probably rivals your first home. Similar to one previously owned by her mother at her age.

In a video giving fans a showcase of her over the top holiday decorations Kylie transitions to clips of her mom surprising her and Stormi with the familiar mini mansion, with both getting a little emotional along the way. “We got a big surprise for you!” said Kylie to her daughter. Without missing a beat, Stormi chimed “B-B-Birkin!?!” because of course she wants to stunt with a Birkin bag at the tender age of two.

Once they got inside you could see just how big this playhouse actually is. It features multiple entryways, a working doorbell, a faux fireplace, mailbox, air conditioning unit (wall not window), stairs and even a balcony. Nope not done yet, it also has a Stormi sized kitchen area, picnic table, ironing board, bed and probably more, with most of the tiny items belonging to Kylie when she was that age.

Jealous yet? Well I can assure you I am, little Stormi’s first crib is killing mine… and I’m almost 25.

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