A whole lot going on with the Kardashian West fam…

You know that Kim has her own Kimoji’s that were created in 2014 with the help of an app developer. Well that developer is  now suing Kim for $100 million for breach of contract, fraud and for profits he believes he’s lost by being left out. So the original agreement between Kim and the developers was that they would be cut in for 60%.  But that went out the window when one of the developers partners allegedly shared personal information about Kim, so she pulled out of the deal.

In other fun Kim and Kanye news…he is apparently trying to convince Kim’s makeup artist to move from New York to L.A. so he can be available any time for Kim for glam emergencies.  THAT STORY HERE

And Kim allegedly is trying to get Kanye to wear Spanx to hide his weight gain. RadarOnline has this story so it’s probably NOT true.

Fun times.


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