Kevin Hart got really honest about the most humbling experience of his life during recovery after his car accident.  Warning: it’s graphic but real!

During a recent interview he shared a time where he needed to have a bowel movement while hospitalized and panicked.

He said. “My stomach felt like somebody lit dynamite and threw it in my f–king stomach and ran.”

After releasing that bowel movement on himself, Hart said his nurse came in to clean him up without a second thought. The nurse, a man named Jose, aided him in feeling less embarrassed about the situation.

“Here’s the most humbling thing in the world: Eniko (his wife) is sitting on the godd—n couch; Jose was my nurse, he’s like, 60 years old, Mexican dude,” he said. “Jose comes in and don’t ask me no questions.”

“Jose grabs the gauze, puts this spongy soapy s–t on the gauze, turns me round and starts wiping my a–,” he continued. “He said, ‘It’s OK man, I’ve been doing this for 40 years … keep it coming man.’”


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