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Kentuckian Taylor Hazelwood is suing Netflix claiming they used his Instagram photo in the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker true-crime documentary film. He has no connection to the case and is seeking $1 million.

The documentary focuses on Caleb “Kai” McGillvary, a wandering man who intervened during a woman’s assault on the side of the highway. The video of it went viral and made him famous. But in another twist, McGillvary was later convicted of murdering Joseph Galfy. Netflix somehow found a pic Hazelwood posted in 2019 of himself holding a friend’s hatchet on Instagram. It was a tribute to his favorite childhood book, “Hatchet,” which is a wilderness survival novel for young adults.

Netflix used that photo side by side with a photo of McGillvary, with a voice over that says “stone-cold killer” and the text of a tweet that says, “You can never trust anyone.” He found out about it after it premiered and friends saw it. One friend texted him: “Have you seen this? They put your picture up with a murderer lol” “I’m shocked they didn’t ask for a release. Prayers that your employer is okay with it.” Hazelwood is a respiratory therapist.

Hazelwood claims in the lawsuit Netflix using his Instagram picture “depicts him in a sinister” light.



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