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Kel Mitchell was recently on Keke Palmer’s podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer” where he talked about bumping heads with major Nickelodeon writer and producer, Dan Schneider. Schneider became a big talking point in the docuseries “Quiet On Set,” where many former child stars discussed the mistreatment they underwent working on the sets of popular children’s tv shows.

Kel talks about a change in writers on his time at Nickelodeon in shows like “Kenan and Kel” and “All That” when Schneider took over the writing and their disagreements.

Dan] was like, ‘Let’s go over here to this room right here in this closet’ – he closed the door and he just took off. Just yelling this all wild stuff, you know.

He later walked off the set. He explains that he saw the shift in the morale after his run with Nickelodeon and that was why he did not renew his contract with them. Keke Palmer was also a child star on Nickelodeon, but she did not work directly with Dan Schneider. Although, she related to the pressures of being a child actor.

Similarly, Ariana Grande is also opening up about her time with Nickelodeon on a podcast.


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