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Katy Perry’s New Album Will Include Her Struggle With Depression

Katy Perry is going to have a big summer! She was supposed to marry Orlando Bloom (but that might be postponed because she’s having their first child), and releasing her next studio album — all this summer.

She’s been working on the album for two years and not putting pressure on herself. She learned to do that three years ago after she finished her Witness album.  She said, “I definitely went through some intense stuff,” “And that was pretty evident.”

The challenges piled up and triggered an avalanche of negative thoughts saying, “at one point [I] became clinically depressed and, you know, had to figure some things out and go through a journey.”

“I think that what’s coming musically for me is songs about that journey and getting to that okay place,” “The world wants some messages, some encouraging messages,” She spoke further. “Maybe they need that optimism on the airwaves. And that’s something I really enjoy doing and we’re just finding balance.”

She’s also getting criticism for traveling to Australia in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.



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