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At the United Center in Chicago on Friday, Justin Timberlake held his first live show since his DWI arrest earlier in the week. He took a minute to acknowledge his “tough week” saying,  “We’ve been together through ups and downs, lefts and rights. It’s been a tough week, but you’re here and I’m here, and nothing can change this moment right now.” He appeared to wipe away tears continuing, “I know sometimes I’m hard to love but you keep on loving me and I love you right back.”

Rumors about Timberlake’s arrest continue to spread, with reports that Timberlake claimed he only had one martini before driving. Page Six is reporting about a supposed interaction during the arrest, “Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour.’ The cop replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said, ‘The world tour.’”

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