Joke Walmart Self Checkout Employee Party Turns Into A Toy Drive

Maybe you saw this Facebook Event…Walmart Self Checkout Employee Party!  It started as a joke but turned into something pretty awesome!

Drew Delgado, who does self-checkout at Walmart, wanted to invite other customers who bag items themselves for a party. So he created this event on Facebook called the Walmart Self Checkout Employee Party. It was meant as sarcasm to poke fun at the fact that people checking their own items out at Walmart worked harder than the actual employees just checking receipts.  Well it ballooned quickly with nearly 50,000 people interested and 8,000 people saying they were going. So it gave Drew the idea to have an actual event and turn it into a toy drive in southern New Jersey. Walmart thought the idea was funny but couldn’t actually host. So he turned to his local Elks lodge to host in their parking lot. And Walmart pitched in a truck full of toys! It happened last Friday and it was a huge success with Santa and Mrs. Claus showing up with tons of donations!

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