John Mayer Reflects On An Old Song We All Tie To Taylor Swift

A TikTok of John Mayer on stage is making its way around the internet. He’s talking about the song “Paper Doll,” a song generally thought to be about his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Maybe you’ve heard of her.


@covidcovers John Mayer reflecting on his Paper Doll lyrics #johnmayer #johnmayersolotour #taylorswift #couldveshouldvewouldve #dearjohn #paperdoll ♬ original sound – Covidcovers

He described it as something people thing sounds “pissed off” and that he isn’t about that kind of songwriting but admitted it might come off as “b****y.”

The hook of the song goes like this:

You’re like twenty-two girls in oneAnd none of them know what they’re runnin’ fromWas it just too far to fall?For a little paper doll

Mind you, he released “Paper Doll” ten years ago in 2013, which was still three years after Taylor put out “Dear John.”

He’s gearing up for a new set of fall tour dates as we speak, so who’s to say he won’t divulge more insights on stage?

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