John Mayer Did The “Baller-est” Thing EVER After The Grammys

John Mayer made a surprise appearance on Sunday night on the Grammy Awards to help  present the award for Song of the Year. It’s the “baller-est thing” he’s ever done.

After that, he did an impromptu episode of his Instagram Live show Current Mood, in which he sported a fresh new haircut.  So John saw pics of himself onstage and thought he was looking a little shaggy, so he took action. “You might be aware that I’ve got my hair cut since I last saw you in between the Grammys and now,” he said. “I got my hair cut because I look back at a picture from the Grammys and I said, ‘That won’t do. I need another haircut,'” he continued. “Which makes this the baller-est thing I’ve ever done: I used the Grammy Awards telecast as a mirror.”

Then, talking about himself in the third person, he reiterated: “‘He used a Grammy Awards show as a mirror. He checked his hair in the Grammy Awards. And then he got his hair cut.’ Top that.”





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