Misha Rohozhyn is a Ukrainian refugee with Down’s Syndrome who was confused and stressed about being forced to leave his home in the face of the Russian invasion. He is non-verbal but loves John Cena. So his mom told him they were traveling to meet his idol as a tactic to calm him down, despite the fact she hasn’t actually set that up.  But Cena, who was in London shooting a project, caught wind of the story on June 5th…and made it happen! He boarded a one-hour flight and met Misha and Liana, catching the whole thing on video.

In the clip, Cena tells Misha, “I’ve come a very long way to see you.” He also praised the bravery of the teen and his mom. “Misha’s ability to embrace persistence. That’s extraordinary,” he said. “Those words “Never Give Up”— we’ve all thought about those in our life. They’re very powerful. They’re two great examples of how persistence can lead to joy even through the toughest of times.” Social media melted when the video was released.



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