Yeah…prepare to get FIRED UP about this latest claim director James Cameron is making about his iconic movie, “Titanic”. Probably one of the most debated scenes in cinema history is Rose on that door and everyone thinking there looked like there was room for Jack, too. Cameron has insisted for YEARS that is false and no, there wasn’t room. He even appeared on “Mythbusters” in 2012 where they proved him wrong if they put Rose’s life jacket UNDERNEATH the door.  Cameron said Jack had to die because it was the in script. End of argument. But now he’s brought in hypothermia experts for a forensic recreation for a new National Geographic “Titanic 25th Anniversary” special to once and for all shut it down!

But NOW he’s throwing in a jarring fun fact that Rose was NOT floating on a DOOR, but simply a piece of wood from first class.

And it wouldn’t be buoyant enough for both of them. And he tells us to get over it… to which we say “I’LL NEVER LET GO, JACK!”


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