Jack Harlow Wants Acting To Be More Than A Side Gig

The remake of “White Men Jump” is coming out on Hulu on Friday, May 19 with Jack Harlow starring as Jeremy. Jack recently release the album “Jackman” and he’s not done with music by any means now that he’s dipping his toes into acting. He wants to do both.

Jack told Teen Vogue,

This isn’t a side mission that I’m taking on just to keep the entertainer thing going and make some extra money. I really got the bug and fell in love with this, and I’m developing a deep passion for the craft of this the same way I had in music. I don’t want it to be a side hustle, I want to full-on go after this, and I’m going after it, and I’m going to continue to do more.

In the interview he even offered up that acting is harder than rapping.  Since he’s not stopping, we’re anxious to see what’s next… And the movie isn’t even out yet!

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