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If you have an iPhone, read on because there is a new threat of thieves that can steal your phone and lock you out…for good! The Wall Street Journal is reporting these thieves are using a new security function called the “recovery key”. It’s a 28 digit code meant to protect from hackers…but it’s backfiring big time. The hackers are making the code so the owners don’t have it…and nothing can be done to get back into the account.

Once a hacker has your passcode, they can get in and change your Apple ID and then change the recovery key code. That, of course, then gives them access to your online wallets with Apple Pay. Apple said they are constantly working on protecting consumers from these emerging threats. In the meantime, you can do a few things to guard against this happening to you:

*set a complicated passcode

*make a separate screen time password through parental controls

*use fingerprint reader or face ID when in crowded spaces

*store your photos and videos through another cloud service like Dropbox or Google Photos.

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