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Invite A Llama To Your Next Zoom Meeting

Alpaca pair seen in a field near Harbottle, Northumberland, U.K.

Put the zoo in Zoom…amiright????

Heccckkkk yes! Could you imagine Bob in accounting’s face when he logs in to the meeting and sees a llama?? How fun is that???

One enterprising California farm has devised a novel way for isolated workers to spice up work-from-home video conferences — inviting a barn animal to the chat. And critter lovers in isolation are clamoring to turn their team meetings into virtual menageries.

“Sometimes people just want to watch a cow eat grass,” Sweet Farm co-founder Nate Salpeter tells The Post of the Goat 2 Meeting initiative.

It’ll set ya back just $65 to Zoom with goats, sheep, pigs, cows, turkeys and, of course, office-drama-curing llamas, which are by far the most popular critters.

Sweet Farm also offers 20-25 minute virtual private tours for up to $250 “to show you and your co-workers around the farm!”




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