Ouch! This has to hurt!

Google announced a few weeks ago that they are laying off 12,000 employees around the world. They were given the news in an email from the CEO. The news followed Microsoft’s announcement it is letting go of 10,000 workers, and 11,000 got the axe at Facebook parent company META. One employee shared a look at how AMAZING it is to work at Google’s New York office…so this one’s gonna hurt for many!

Maybe tons of game rooms and fancy gourmet free lunches could be a place to trim some fat in the budget??

The prosperity these companies saw during the pandemic didn’t continue as they thought and they grew too much too fast. The economic downturn and recession also is a factor. Salary transparency laws that went into effect also meant the battle for the best workers ramped up, leading to workers jumping ship for the better salaries.

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