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Hula Hoop Fitness Is Taking Over Tik Tok

There’s no shortage of exercise content on TikTok. From workout motivation tips to Peloton hacks and now to hula hoop fitness.


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If you look up #hulahoop videos, they’ve gotten a crazy 925 million views, and more than 200 million more under #hulahoopfitness and #weightedhulahoop — and include all types of workouts. Some feature traditional hula hooping set to upbeat music, others tout the strengthening powers of using a weighted hoop, and there are some users that feature TikTok dance-style routines.  It’s basically a way to have fun while you exercise — sometimes in as few as five minutes a day.

Those perks are legit, according to certified personal trainer and fitness consultant Rob Pambrun. Using a weighted hoop in particular adds extra resistance that works your core more and gets your heart rate up for cardio benefits.

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