Meet Mark and Peanut…they are quite the cute pair charming the Internet with their adorable bond. They met in a tragic way when Mark witnessed Peanut’s mama get hit by a car in New York City and pass away. Mark jumped in front of Peanut to prevent him suffering the same fate and took him in. Only the area shelters didn’t have room for him, so Mark took Peanut in and bottle fed him for 8 months hoping he’d rejoin the wild.

That didn’t go as planned either as a day after Mark set him free in the backyard, Peanut showed up the next day on the porch with half his tail missing! Inside he ran and they’ve never looked back.

Mark shares their journey on social media and they’ve got quite the following. He’s got a cat too, and they are a trio of besties. He often meets with his followers to give back for their support!  Doesn’t hurt that Mark is easy on the eyes!


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