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As more unfolds in the senseless tragic school shooting in Nashville, more is learned of the heroic efforts of police and citizens in the area. Thanks to police bodycam footage, authorities say officers used their training and quickly took the shooter out at Covenant School within minutes of entering.

One of the youngest victims, 9-year-old Evelyn Dieckhaus, was killed trying to pull the fire alarm. She succeeded as you can hear the alarm going off in the police bodycam footage. Actress Melissa Joan Hart’s kids go to a nearby school and she was on her way with her husband to a parent-teacher conference when she saw kids emerge from the woods. She got out of the car to help them across the street and tried to hide her own fear.

Shooter Audrey Hale messaged a former basketball teammate, Averianna Patton, moments before the massacre as a “last goodbye”, prompting the teammate to call the suicide prevention line, who told her to call sheriff’s deputies. They directed her to a non-emergency line. That was 10:14am and she was on hold for 7 minutes. Hale arrived at the Covenant School at 10:15am Monday morning. Hale was taken out by police by 10:27am. Hale’s parents told police Audrey was suffering from an emotional disorder and was under a doctor’s care. Hale identified as transgender.

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