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Remember the guy who saved a baby in a stroller from rolling out into six lanes of traffic?  We have a followup!

 When Ron Nessman saw the baby’s stroller rolling closer and closer from a parking lot close to speeding traffic in California, he took immediate action and the video has been seen millions of times. The baby’s great aunt collapsed onto the pavement two times as she tried to go after the stroller. Now we know some backstory on that hero…Nessman had just completed a job interview at Applebee’s to be a dishwasher and was at the car wash with his sister.  He’s living with her after being homeless for 8 years! Well now he’s gotten at least 5 job offers since then! The only problem now is lack of transportation, so the job has to be near bus stops.

He did take the job at Applebee’s and the General Manager said Nessman getting the job didn’t have anything to do with his hiring, saying he’s a “great guy” and “great candidate.”

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