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Here’s Why Taylor Swift Doesn’t Follow Anyone On Instagram

Taylor Swift has 118 million followers, but she’s not following anyone.  It turns out that, like most things Taylor does, there’s a well-thought out reason behind that.

Asked by the U.K.’s Capital FM radio station why she doesn’t follow anyone on Insta, Taylor explained that she was tired of people making judgments about her life based on whose post she did or didn’t “like,” or whose post she did or didn’t comment on.

“I found a couple years ago that social media started to feel a bit like the media’s way of monitoring my every move,” “And like I started to realize that if I didn’t wish one of my friends a happy birthday on Instagram, there would literally be articles saying, like, ‘Unsquadded! Taylor Swift is no longer friends with so-and-so!’”

“And I’d literally be at the person’s birthday party with them! And because I hadn’t posted…I kind of reject this idea that if you didn’t see it on the Internet it didn’t happen.” 

“So it was kind of my way of like not allowing my life to be controlled and monitored by social media. And I think we’re all kind of taking steps to try to figure out how to not let it take over our lives and our feelings of validation,” 

“You can’t have a memory and take a picture of it and spend the rest of the day looking at the comments for that one snapshot of your day,” “You should just maybe be present for your whole day.”



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