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Here Are The Taylor Swift ‘Evermore’ Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

So Taylor Swift shocked Swifties with the release of her ninth album, “Evermore” on Thursday, and in true Taylor fashion, she had been leaving clues about the release in the days prior.

We’ll here are Easter eggs within “Evermore” that you may have missed.

On November 22nd Taylor shared a moody photo with the caption, “Not a lot going on at the moment,” which was the same caption she posted prior to her “Folklore” release.

November 22nd:

April 27th:


Taylor also gave a hint about her lead single, “Willow” with that pic she posted above. You may notice the photo with a willow tree on the wall behind her. Also she dropped a hint a few days before the album was announced with this tweet:


She also name-dropped “Tis The Damn Season,” which is track four on “Evermore” in an Instagram Story promoting her cover story in Entertainment Weekly.

Finally track 13, “Epiphany” on “Folklore” was about her grandfather while track 13 on “Evermore” called “Marjorie” is about her grandmother.


Love the Easter egg hunt! What other Easter eggs have you found between “Folklore” and “Evermore?”

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