Time to catch up with former ‘American Idol’ co-host, Brian Dunkleman.

Remember the one time he co-hosted season 1 with Ryan Seacrest then he quit? We all have regrets in our life and we’re guessing walking away from ‘Idol’ is probably at the top of Dunk’s list.  Brian Dunkleman is an Uber driver. Been doing it since 2016 and says he makes about $800 a week working 45 hours.  He told TMZ he walked away from doing stand-up comedy to be there more for his son in the midst of his divorce, which is totally a good-dad move! You do what you have to do to support your kids!

Ryan Seacrest took one path, the Dunk took another. He actually reflected on his bad choice a few years ago on the OWN network.



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